Christmas Tree adoption. Only a few measly branches left. (Chloe, December 2022)

Mandatory Redding Terminal (Kim, Anna, Chloe, December 2022)

Philadelphia Tourists (Daniel, Chloe, December 2022)

Carbondale Weekends (Serge, Chloe, November 2022)

Young Cleo growing up so fast (Jay, Cleo, Sylvie, November 2022)

Transporting honey bees from Loveland to Copoco (October 2022)

On a unmarked goat trail near the Colorado National Monument. Hit a wall near 16mi in and then boosted after food. (Jay, Serge, October 2022)

Tim and Avery's park hang (Chloe, Daniel, September 2022)

Roller skates and love for Tim and Avery (Donnie, Laurel, September 2022)

Solo Sabbatical Trip to the San Juans

From the top of Sneffles looking down at the Blue Lakes (September 2022)

Sunrise at the Lower Blue Lake (August 2022)

Sunset on the ridge campsite above the Blue Lakes (August 2022)

Coming down Blue Lakes Pass (August 2022)

Gatorade Glacier Ice Lake (August 2022)

On top of Uncompahgre Peak after summiting Wetterhorn earlier. 17mi and 6500' day. (Daniel, August 2022)

A Visit to Baby Cleo

Cleo getting grounded (Weezy, Jay, Sylvie, Chloe, Miss P, August 2022)

Pumping (Jay, Weezy, Sylvie, Chloe, Cleo, August 2022)

Overnight in IPW Wheeler Basin (off-trail)

A very large, edible, Boletus rubriceps (Daniel, August 2022)

Lower Lost Tribe Lake (August 2022)

On the slopes below Lost Tribe Lakes (Daniel, August 2022)

Camping with Serge deep in Wheeler Basin after a long night of down climbing lichen boulders in the rain (Serge, August 2022)

A nice patch of Laccaria laccata on the slopes (August 2022)

Heading out on the "short cut" to Wheeler Basin (Serge, August 2022)

Not Bachelor Party Nuchu Backpacking

Our entertainment for the evening. These two wouldn't leave us alone. Trounced around or campsite all night and morning acting as one of the boys. (July 2022)

Sunset at camp night 2 (July 2022)

Dropping into billy goat basin (Tim, Austin, Christian, July 2022)

Most dense wildflower corridor on the planet (July 2022)

Sandal DirtTooth and Angle Angel (Reed, Serge, July 2022)

Ascending out of the valley of flowers, below The Spider (Jacob, July 2022)

Sunrise at Downtown Tent City (July 2022)

Sunset on night one with our first view of The Spider (July 2022)

Sun setting in the Nuchu (July 2022)

Nice light brothers (Tim, Jacob, Reed, Asa, Austin, Serge, July 2022)

Rainbow Ridge (Kurtis, Jacob, Austin, Asa, Reed, July 2022)

A moody start to the not-bachelor party backpacking weekend (Serge, Austin, Reed, July 2022)

Cleo enters

Auntie and auntie at Valley View Hospital, Glenwood Springs (Laurel, Chloe, July 2022)

Veggie and Karma Rendezvous in Leadville

Burgers and chargers at Twin Lakes (Veggie, Karma, July 2022)

Wildflowers decending Huron Peak (July 2022)

On top of Huron Peak (July 2022)

Early light in the Sawatch Range (July 2022)

Pikes Peak International Hillclimb

Catching the sun and looking for racecars on Pike’s Peak (Tyler, June 2022)

Looking over the W’s at PPIHC 100th (June 2022)

Sunrise from Devil’s Playground, Pike’s Peak (Tyler, June 2022)

Carbondale Trip

Wooden Dory, Instagram Worthy on the Roaring Fork (Jay, Sylvie, lil girl, June 2022)

Last approach up Sopris (Daniel, Miss P, June 2022)

Quick trip up Mount Sopris (Jay, June 2022)

Getting cold on the Roaring Fork in Woody Creek (Rob, June 2022)

Razzmatazz on the Roaring Fork between Woody Creek and Basalt (Tristan, Rob, and Jay, June 2022)

Glenwood Hot Springs, big snack stand vibes (June 2022)

Lake Isabelle Run (June 2022)

Old streets with mom and dad (May 2022)

Schuylkill Bike Ride (Michael, May 2022)

Joder Ranch (May 2022)

Sharkstooth feature above Sky Pond in late April. Lots of snow up there and more to come.

Big Thompson River meandering through Moraine Park, RMNP (April 2022)

Modern Dust Bowl near Crestone (April 2022)

Yengshe Rangsal Stupa in Crestone (April 2022)

A soak in the wind (April 2022)

Hallway to a Joyful Journey (April 2022)

Water running through the Dunes (April 2022)

Waking up in Babas in San Luis Valley (April 2022)

Extreme Home Makeover: Ruby Hill (Hammer, April 2022)

Near Emerald Lake RMNP (April 2022)

Lathrop Trail Overlook, Island in the Sky (February, 2022)

Last light on the Syncline Loop (February 2022)

In the belly of the Upheaval Dome Beast (Serge, February 2022)

Mid-Syncline Loop (Daniel, February 2022)

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