San Pancho Bomb Set (Stevie, Donnie, Chloe, Nick, December 2021)

Poopoo Paparazzi (Laurel, December 2021)

San Pancho hang (Chloe, Stevie, Nick, Nikola, December 2021)

Our commute up gringo hill for a few days (Chloe, December 2021)

Playa de los Muertos (Chloe, Alicia, December 2021)

From one Sayulita golf cart to another (Donnie, Reed, Tim, December 2021)

Playa de los Muertos Cemetery (December 2021)

View from the Grand Villa at Villa Amor where we stayed for Asa & Elysa's wedding (December 2021)

Earthship #2 (November 2021)

Earthship Greenhouse (November 2021)

Earthship Entrance (November 2021)

Rio Grande Hot springs with a big-horned sheep visitor and moonlit walk back to camp (Jonah and Will) November 2021

Taos House (November 2021)

On our way out of the wilderness, crossing the pedestrian suspension bridge across the Upper Animas River to the narrow gauge rails. (October 2021)

Descending to the Animas after two cold nights in Chicago Basin (Daniel).

Approaching Twin Lakes with Needles and Sunlight Peak in the background (Daniel). T-Shirts all day.

Looking north from Eolus summit at Monitor Peak and Animas Mountain (October 2021)

North Eolus summit with a snowy, sketchy Mount Eolus in the background (Daniel)

Part of the scramble to the top of North Eolus (Jay, October 2021)

Twin Lakes Basin about 1200’ above our campsite (October)

Frost-covered 25° morning. We waited for the sun to hit the tent to get out of our bags. 

Riding the Durango to Silverton Narrow Gauge Railway along the Upper Animas with Pigeon Peak in the background (October).

Riding the Durango to Silverton Narrow Gauge Railway to the Needleton Exit (Jay).

On the summit of Navajo Peak looking north-northeast. Longs Peak is visible in the left corner and Lake Isabelle is below (September).

Up the steep and loose "Airplane Gully," hiking past an airplane crash from 1948. The World War II era plane crashed into the mountain and exploded, sending bits and pieces of the plane up and down the slope of the gully. The propeller, motor, fuselage, and many other airplane parts can be seen. Definitely one of the most interesting historic sites in this type of environment I’ve ever seen (September).

Approaching the tarn below Navajo and Shoshoni Peaks in the alpine. Straight ahead is the Isabelle Glacier (September).

Lake Isabelle at sunrise. Showing the route up Navajo Peak via Airplane Gully (September).

16.5 miles and 7400 feet of elevation gain. Biggest day hike of my life! (August)

Early morning in the Collegiate Peaks (August)

A special weekend with a special soul. Vermiion Peak. (Chloe)

On top of Paiute Peak looking down at Mount Toll and generally SW towards Crater Lake area. August 6, 2021.

On the ridge between Audubon and Paiute looking at Mount Toll. August 6th, 2021.

The sweetest, most alpha kitten in the world. Mossy.

 Santa Claus hallucinogenic (Amanita muscaria) on the way down from Thunder Lake.

From (near) the summit of Alice looking south toward Isolation Peak.

July 9th, looking at Mt. Alice from the ridge heading to the hourglass saddle. Made it to the summit, hiked 18 miles with 5000 feet of gain and loss, 4:10am-2:30pm. 

Columbine booms on the Rabbit Ears Hike (Aquilegia)

Dad hiking in Medicine Bow NF behind the Snowy Range in June. Got lots of rain on the way up and down. No one in sight. (Michael)

Elkstone Farm Weekend in June (Tim, Jamie)

May 31st, 2021 (Memorial Day) leaving our last campsite of the trip in what looks like the greenest Colorado Ive seen in a while.

Valley of Fire SP, NV (Chloe).

House Vinette in Montecito, CA.

Sunset north of Santa Barbara with Christar.

Montaña De Oro SP dreams (Daniel).

Sunset before San Simeon, CA.

HWY 1 roadside attraction.

Sand Dollar Beach at high tide (Chloe).

Backside of McWay Falls (two campsites here?).

Babas soaking up the HWY 1 glory. Sunny conditions and beautiful coastline.

Soberanes Canyon Trail, Big Sur, informal commitment ritual (Chloe). Bees were humming, poppies were popping, waves were crashing, and the redwoods were surrounding.

Santa Cruz chiller

Tay aka PROPS giving tours at Santa Cruz homie spot (Chloe).

Hill 88, San Francisco with the Marin crew (Irene, Sean, Ali, Byron).

Chloe with gifted bouquet at Manzanita Ave, Marin (Chloe).

Marin County with the Young Bros Construction Company (Byron, Daniel, Sean)

Babas at Bodega Dunes Campground. Wicked windy and first stop on the Pacific coast (Daniel).

Babas cruising through the Grove of Old Trees in Occidental, CA.

Glimpse of the windy coast in Bodega Bay Area.

Crystal Hermitage in Ananda Community, Nevada City, CA. (Rama, Chloe, Hannah).

Chloe meets the South fork of the Yuba River (Chloe).

Beach life in Lake Tahoe at Meeks Bay (Chloe).

A storm rolling into Tahoe (Chloe took this photo).

Moon Rocks, Pyramid Lake, NV. Radical crew.

Light show goodness and JBL speakers.

Cooking dinner in the Nevada desert with the Nevada City crew (Chloe).

Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah (Chloe, Babas).

Last morning of the trip waking up at Twin Lakes

After Sunset in Saguaro N. Forest

Gates Pass excitement 

Gates Pass hike

Highland Ave colours 

Arcosanti apartment

Barrel vault detail

Arcosanti barrel vaults

Inside Arcosanti Cafe

Arcosanti Cafe 

 New Year, Same View (Chloe)

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