Pacific Beach Cruise (Chloe)
Encanitas Adode
Bird of Paradise in Swami's Garden
Swami's Lookout (Daniel)

Black's Beach Canyon Trail (Daniel)

Swami Sunset

Black's Beach (Daniel, Chloe)

Warrior Tufi on the Ho Chi Minh at Black's Beach (Chloe)

Swami's Beach

Sky Pond Sunrise with Shark's Teeth Ridge

Sky Pond Descend

Mount of the Holy Cross

Mount of the Holy Cross approach (Jay, Pat)

Mount of the Holy Cross Summit (Daniel)

Cascade Creek Falls

Lone Eagle from Crater Lake (Laurel)

Crater Lake hang (Daniel, Alicia)

CR in Winter Park looking East at the Divide

Sam's Sunset

Lone Eagle Peak

Packing the bags, don't forget the snacks (Chloe)

Mirror Lake Morning Moose

Mushroom on Cascade Creek

Mushroom on Cascade Creek

Cascade Creek Views

Sanitas in Snow

Ralston White Redwoods (Chloe)

Madrone Tree on Ralston White Hike

Ralston White Redwoods

Ralston White Redwoods

Dawn Falls Trail

Dawn Falls Trail (Chloe)

North of Santa Cruz

Somewhere North of Santa Cruz

Panther Beach (Chloe)

Near Estes Park

Near Estes Park Sunset

Anahola Truck

Overlook to Hanalei

Tropical Bliss (Chloe)

Queens Bath Splash

Princeville Sunset

Queens Bath Sea Turtle Magic

Looking Down the Bath

Hanalei Sunset from Princeville Resort

Polihale Sunset

Camping at Polihale

Na Pali Coast from Polihale

Another Polihale Sunset (Chloe)

Footsteps to Queens Pond beta from Nature

Kalepa Ridge Hike (Chloe)

Na Pali Coast Boat Ride

Na Pali Beauty (Chloe)

Na Pali Cave

Na Pali Layers

Waipo'o Falls, Waimea Canya

Waimea Canyon Views

Red-Crested Cardinal, Kalihiwai Beach

Ralph Lauren view of Sneffels

On our way into Telluride

In the Festival (Daniel, Chloe)

Cornet Falls (Chloe, Daniel, Laurel, Alicia)

Black Bear Pass in the A-Lodge Van (Chloe, Daniel)

In the Festival (Reid, Nikola, Daniel)

Kenosha Pass Sun Bliss (Chloe)

Bride's Canyon Sunset

Bride's Canyon Sunset looking at Goney Bird

Goney Bird Road

Cliffrose (Rosaceae Purshia mexicana) near Bride's Canyon

24 hours in the canyon (Daniel)

Desert Walk (Chloe)

Central Pricklypear (Opuntia polyacantha) in Bride's Canyon

Dwarf Lupine (Lupinus pusillus) in Bride's Canyon

Harriman's Yucca (Yucca harrimaniae) in Bride's Canyon

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