Scroll down for a start-to-finish van build journey. I was thrilled to document the design and building process through visual graphics, photographs, and diagrams. 

5.31.20 Amidst the powerful protests and pandemic, picking up the van in Lincoln City, NE. No windows, 69k miles, well-cared for, and ready to ride.

Early June. Installed three windows and removed the previous wall panelling. Pulling up the carpet and subfloor for a new one.

Early July. Running wires throughout the van, framing studs, and laying the new 3/4" subfloor.

Wiring Diagram that I produced for Boulder Nomadic and happens to replicate the system in our Babas. We have 200W of solar, 100AH of storage, and wiring run from the alternator that we never use because the solar works so well. 

Mid July. Sheep's Wool insulation and running more wires.

Schematic Electrical Layout

Late July. Marmoleum floor installed, bench cabinets are crafted, ceiling is being oiled.

Late July. Benches are installed.

Proportions of bench depth to table width informs cushion dimensions

Early August in Malibu. Santa Monica Mountains.

Early August on HWY 1.

Cabinet Carcass Design

Before installing the walls, looking at the sheep's wool insulation

Chloe installing the screws attaching the wall panel to the window frames

Late Fall. Chloe installing the wall panel (November 2020)

Preliminary kitchen design

Foam study for bench/bed cushions and mattress. We went with the proportions on the right, probably could have gone with the one to the left.

Sanding at the shop in NoBo

Working on the details at Boulder Nomadic HQ

Adding rear bench extensions. AKA magazine holders, AKA bead drying racks.

Very fun GIF

Drawing of the cushion design to account for angles in the back for clearance of the door mechanisms, and snap fastener locations.

Late March at Shelf Road. Cushion were constructed by Titan Vans and designed by Daniel

Mid May 2021. Kitchen glory shot. 14 gallons under the sing with all of the plumbing (water pump, accumulator, and quick disconnects)

Mid May. Fin de actividad. Nice and big Isotherm Cruise 130 Clean Touch fridge, very efficient 12V fridge. Venting below and up the back so it cycles less. 

Switch panel: 120V outlet, thermostat for diesel espar furnace, 12V USB ports, water pump switch, dim-able under cabinet light switch. 

Mid-May. Drawer storage and cabinet construction with brass drawer catches. Very delighted with the way this all came together. Just about one full year of planning, learning, bubbly water drinking, fun.  

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