We aim to provide affordability in mountain communities that addresses seasonal housing shortages, rising rental rates, and other unique features that plague the everyday worker in Colorado’s resort communities.   This is accomplished by integrating affordability within a resilient, passive design that promotes simplicity.  This simplicity allows for a low maintenance form that is inherently low cost because of the fluid integration of active systems and passive design decisions.  The active solar energy generation is paired with an efficient building envelope, an interior greenhouse for temperature regulation and humidity control, orientation that utilizes solar gain, solar thermal heating that is dispersed through radiant floors, and ventilation that utilizes heat recovery techniques and provides personal levels of comfort with operable windows.  In addition, the form’s simplicity is meant to achieve a level of replicability and adjustability to fit the needs of unrelated roommates as well as families.  The multiple configurations of the mechanical “elbow” allow for adaptation to site conditions and the wet systems are grouped along the northern wall to achieve efficiency in construction and maintenance.   
Altogether, an informed deliberate design is created to allow for occupant comfort within an affordable unit that marries resilient form and construction with adaptable solutions.
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