*All graphics, photographs, and physical products created by me*
HiveTech Solutions is a startup company with the mission of creating stable winter environments for honey bees. In northern climates, honey bee populations are struggling to survive winters because of multiple negative factors. The main forces contributing to poor honey bee health are climate change, varroa mites, and pesticides. Creating a stable winter environment for them is beneficial to their original seasonal hibernation pattern which allows the queen to take a break from laying brood and slows down the mites' ability to populate.
The containers are highly efficient compared to other cooling units. The construction is high quality and we use refrigerator units that use 120v power supply. As far as the insulation goes, the walls are R-45, Ceiling is R-52, and floor is R-27. These units can hold 10 degrees on an 80 degree day. We use an IoT sensor system to monitor the CO2, relative humidity, indoor temperature, and exterior temperature.
Here are some graphs that I created using data collected from our prototype units that were tested in Fort Collins Colorado. This MICA unit had about 20 colonies kept inside from November to March.
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